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Welcome to Madagascar!

From the tranquillity of the forests to the bustle of the cities, from the pristine white beaches to an underwater world of reef fish and dazzling corals… Madagascar offers a wealth of fascinating and beautiful places to visit and explore.

The world’s fourth largest island, it is a land frozen in time – a secret place where magic and mystery combine. It is a place where the breathtaking beauty of forests, mountains, tropical lands and a warm gentle people welcome you to a paradise of unique fauna and flora.

Madagascar is found in the warm Indian Ocean, 400km off the east coast of Africa and south of the equator. The island stretches some 1600km from north to south and about 570km across its widest part. Most of the unique fauna and flora is found in the lush rain forests of the narrow eastern coastline, while the wider western plain is drier with more arid vegetation. With 5000km of coastline, Madagascar offers “Robinson Crusoe” style holidays on endless sandy white beaches. You can travel to Madagascar all year round. However, please remember that during Jan/Feb/March cyclones are possible but not a common occurrence.

Madagascar is the only place in the world where lemurs occur naturally in the wild. The name ‘Lemur’ is given exclusively to the primates of Madagascar. There are nearly 100 species of lemurs, predominantly found in forested areas. There are eight species of Baobab in the world, and six of these species are native to Madagascar. Madagascar enjoys a rich diversity of over 1 000 species of orchids. Two thirds of the world’s species of chameleons are found in Madagascar – including the world’s smallest and largest chameleons. There are 12 000 plant species – 80% of which are only found in Madagascar, making it one of the most diverse floras on the planet. There are 165 palms found only on Madagascar.




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