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Welcome to Namibia!

Namibia is truly unique, influenced by various cultures during colonization and reborn in 1990. What has emerged is a true sense of unity in diversity, the coming together of at least 11 major ethnic groups, each celebrating their past while working together toward the future. You will notice this in dress, language, art, music, sport, food and religion. There exists a wonderful collage, but first and foremost, Namibians are proud to be Namibian. And for good reason.

The landscape is Namibia's defining natural asset. People use all sorts of words to describe it: vast, endless, magnificent, unimaginable, among others. Good words as far as words go, but they don't really do Namibia's top attractions justice. There simply is no frame of reference, nothing that comes close to seeing the sunset at Sossusvlei, spending the day playing at Swakopmund or visiting the Himba in Damaraland.

With both the Namib and Kalahari desserts within its borders and the world's tallest dunes, there are plenty of sand based pursuits available in Namibia. If given the chance - experience them!

Weather - With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Namibia makes for great flying weather, and therefore gives visitors ample opportunities to enjoy the amazing scenery from above.

Where there's water, there's life. And plenty of activity. Although Namibia is predominately an arid country, there are water features that define Namibia as much as the sands of the Namib.




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