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Welcome to Zambia! Mwaiseni ku Zambia!

A country almost half the size of Europe, the attractions here are enough to keep you for a host of holidays. There are19 national parks, 6 major lakes, the Zambezi River and the incomparable Victoria Falls. An astounding 743 species of birds have been identified, as well as all the wildlife species found on the sub-continent.

Zambia is centrally located in southern Africa. To the east lies Malawi and Mozambique, to the west is Botswana and Angola. The Zambezi River separates Zambia from Zimbabwe in the south, while the DRC and Tanzania lie to the north. Zambia’s countryside forms a plateau, approximately 1300m above sea level and offers one of the most gentle climates found in Africa. There is a degree of comfort even at the height of summer. Western Zambia is dominated by the Zambezi and Kafue river systems, which seasonally flood large tracts of land, rich in wildlife and birds. Near the eastern border, the Luangwa Valley is one of Africa’s most well-known wildlife reserves.

There is no time when Zambia needs to be avoided. It is a summer rainfall area, with afternoon thundershowers being common during December to March. Game viewing is at its easiest during the dry hot months of October to December, when temperatures often exceed 30 degrees C. It is seldom that temperatures fall below freezing in winter (May – August), which is characterised by cool nights and warm clear days. The Victoria Falls is at its fullest in the first half of the year and the flow is much reduced during the last half, when rafting is at its wildest.

The sheer number and vast differences in the Reserves makes Zambia unique. Luangwa Valley is the home of the ‘Walking Safari’, the Bangweulu Swamps, the vast Kafue and the Zambezi are just a few.

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